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Find Your “Yes”

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision - it is a visual representation and constant reminder that you love your partner enough to dedicate the rest of your life to them. While it's important they say yes to a life with you, it's also important they say yes to the ring. Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is easier with a knowledgeable staff and a vast selection of ring styles to ensure all your qualifications are met. Visit a local jeweler who can offer you personalized service to walk away with the best ring so that when you pop the question, both you and the ring get a resounding “Yes!”

A Brilliant Cut

Diamonds come in many cuts to optimize the quality of the stone and refract the light as beautifully as possible. A well-cut diamond is the mark of a master jeweler who knows how best to manipulate and polish the raw material to create something remarkable. Round brilliant cuts or oval diamonds are classic and timeless. Marquise cuts and pear cuts give length to a ring and can be incorporated in unique settings. Cushion, princess, emerald, and asscher diamonds are less common in engagement rings and can make remarkable, one-of-a-kind diamond rings. Regardless of your preference, Grogan Jewelers will be sure to satisfy you with our wide selection of diamond engagement rings in many cuts and settings.

Choosing a Metal

Rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, white gold--on top of choosing a style of diamond cut, deciding on a metal for your engagement ring will heavily influence the aesthetic of the ring and depends both on the style and complexion of your beloved. Gold is available in different shades that varies based on the purity of the gold (ranging most often from 10k to 18k in fine jewelry) and the alloy metal it is mixed with. While having a higher percentage of gold may sound preferable, the gold will be softer and more liable to scratches. Platinum affords a more durable but less pliable alternative to white gold and may not be a suitable upgrade depending on the engagement ring band style you choose.

A Diamond Is Forever

Diamonds are both a practical choice and a symbolic one. The first advertisement campaign selling diamond engagement rings dates to 1947, marketing a the sentiment of a lifelong union with the slogan “A diamond is forever.” It may only have been a clever advertising strategy at the time, but they got the message across: as the toughest material on earth, diamonds truly are symbolic of a lasting relationship that can weather any circumstances at any time. Not only strong, diamonds are also reflective and prismatic, catching the light and sparkling delightfully. The only thing diamonds don't have in common with your loved one is that they can be bought - the love you share is priceless.

Shop for Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the perfect engagement ring to help you propose to your perfect person can be challenging, but at Grogan Jewelers we have years of expertise and experience helping you choose the best ring for your spouse-to-be. Visit us in the Huntsville area to shop our vast and unique selection of gemstone and diamond engagement rings!

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