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Tim Byrum


Just when I thought the age of exceptional customer service was over, Grogans, but more especially DAVIS CARR, completely exceeded my expectations. After a long day of shopping with my three children, I stopped in to browse. DAVIS went straight to my kids and put them in front of the television in the store lounge, complimenting them in the process. She offered me refreshment and noticed my watch. I explained I had been looking for a Panerai for quite some time. She went to work and within a few days found exactly what I was looking for. Her enthusiasm, professionalism, casual elegance along eith her sweet nature allowed me and my family to relax. I would never have bought the watch if it wasn't for her dedication, communication, and attention to detail. She is a testament to the customer service I thought long since dead. She has earned a customer for life. Thanks Davis!!!

Matt Curcio


This place is amazing. I can't tell you how welcomed and helped I felt by this staff especially Rob and Davis. I came in a bunch over two month period and we didn't stop until we got the exact engagement ring and enhancer custom designed that I knew my Fiancé would lose it over. Not only did the jewelry come out better than I ever imagined some how we get it under budget! I cannot wait to come back to get my wedding band done here too. Love this place and staff!

Hanna Pettus


I bought my fiance's wedding band from here because my mom has always used Grogan's in Florence ever since I was a little girl. I knew that I wanted to use them, but now living in North Carolina I was worried about the logistics of purchasing a ring over the phone. After visiting the store and picking out the ring, I contacted the store to get a price check and from there was put in contact with Mary Ann, who was an absolute dream to work with. She made sure that I got my order placed, answered my questions and calmed any fears I had about the distance. She followed up with me after the order to make sure I knew the ring had been delivered, and even text me back from her honeymoon to make sure that I was taken care of! I can't say enough about what a great experience I've had with Grogan Jewelers By Lon, and could go on and on about the great customer service I received from Mary Ann.

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Megan Miller

September 18, 2016

My husband and I went to pick out our wedding bands at Grogan Jewelers. I also was looking to get my grandmother's ring, which I was given as my engagement ring, resized and cleaned up. I was also told it needed to be fixed, as some of the prongs holding the diamond in were coming loose. I was told it could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for the bands, and the ring, well, the jeweler will be back on Tuesday to give you a quote on a cost. To his credit, the jeweler was wonderful. I got my quote and was told it would probably be ready by Monday. Monday rolls around and it's not ready but that's okay. I understand delays happen, and it's not like I need the ring right this minute. I say thanks and on goes my day.. The next day I get a similar phonecall, but it's still fine, I get it. The third day past due, my husband gets a call that the rings are ready and they're ready for pick up. He asks if it's all three. "Three? Um, there's only two." No, there are two bands and an engagement ring. "No, I only see two bands here. I don't see any engagement rings here. Let me look for the order I'll call you back." So he looks. And he can't find it. Calls back. Some stern words are had regarding the fact that yes, we dropped of a ring for repairs and it should be there. Keep in mind, this is my grandmother's ring. She is deceased. I have no words for how upset I was during this whole exchange. Eventually they call back. They found it. The order should be complete "tomorrow" No phone call that next day. The following day I called back and was told yes, two rings are here for you. I swear, I think I blacked out for a second. Grogan, get your act together before you give someone a heart attack. To the jeweler's credit, the ring fits great and looks amazing. The rest of you all can go get some training in how to deliver customer service without taking years off people's lives.

Lise Stanford

July 26, 2016

I purchased a beautiful diamond ring that was so awesome. My sales person was so great to work with. Jeron is very patient as it's not easy to pick from such an amazing collection of beautiful jewelry. I also had my weeding ring that was set in gold set in silver and I am so happy. Love it! Go shopping and ask for Jeron and be well served and satisfied with great prices and awesome selection!!

Kathy Jones

May 26, 2017

Very informative and friendly

Jean Potter

October 21, 2015

win Can I see the @10,00 wow diamon u are giving away ijn teh 100 days of WOW giveaway! THANKS~!!! sO WOULD LOV TO WIN IT! HOPING!!!

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Shera A.


My husband and I have been Grogan Jewelers customers for over 10 years. We always work with Jay Klos, the owner. He is easy to work with and never pressures...READ MORE

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