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Have You Found True Love?

True love is rare; and when you find it, you can’t help but to express it. There are few greater expressions of this love than the moment you place that extraordinary diamond on her left ring finger. First, congratulations on finding this kind of love, it ain’t easy! You may already be thinking the next step, finding the perfect diamond, is even harder and sometimes it can be. But we’re here to make this as painless possible and even enjoyable if you can imagine.

We’re here to educate.

You may have already brushed up on the 4C's and know a little something about diamonds. If we had to guess, you’ve probably been doing some research online, looking at pricing and trying to get a feel for what to expect. If this is you, you’re already in great shape, if you’re nodding your head no and breaking out in cold sweats, relax we’re going to walk you through this whole process. We’re going to educate you, give you confidence and make sure you have a clear understanding of one the biggest most important purchases of your life. We’re going to insure that when you get down on one knee and present to her the diamond of her dreams, she will say YES. In fact, we guarantee it.

So let’s get down to the good stuff. Maybe you’re considering pricier stone like the Leo Diamond, Hearts on Fire, or other premium priced brands. But little is more discouraging than being in love, and feeling like opportunistic jewelers are charging you a painful premium for it.

That is why we have been toiling alongside expert diamond cutters in Israel to find rare diamond roughs that can be crafted into stones impressive to even the most discerning eye. And because we aren’t a big box diamond brand with big box overhead, we can sell true beauty at pretty nice prices.

Rare & Beautiful, only 1% of all diamond roughs (uncut diamonds) can be cut to the specifications we set for the Grogan "WOW" Diamond.

Diamonds are rare, Grogan diamonds are rarer. But it's the specifications we set for the diamond's cut that make them true love worthy.

The run of the mill round diamond is cut with 58 facets (diamond facets allow the diamond to refract light, and thus give the diamond its sparkle). The Grogan "WOW" Diamond is cut with an additional 47 lovingly placed facets. The result is obvious, a more brilliant and beautiful diamond.

The Techincal Tactics


The “WOW” Diamond is strictly graded for quality and measured for light performance through OGI Fire Trace technology by the Independent Gem Laboratory. Fire Trace technology is a three dimensional analysis of a single diamond, predicting the Table, Crown, Pavilion and Girdle proportions. These are then matched against Ideal Cut specifications to ensure the maximum amount of light return.

A diamond that exceeds all expectations, exquisitely cut in perfect 105 facets, the Grogan “WOW” Diamond is nothing but extraordinary. Engineered to yield the highest possible standards in brilliance, scintillation, and fire, the “WOW” Diamond is superior to a traditional 58 facet diamond by all measures.

More than what we offer in product, we run a deeper connection with the service that we stand behind and guarantee. With every experience we always give our Grogan 3-Point Promise

In Case You Need The Short List

  • You won't see every other girl with this rock on her finger. These diamonds are RARE and only available at Grogan Jewelers by Lon.
  • All Grogan "WOW" Diamonds are Conflict Free
  • Only 1% of diamonds discovered in the world can be cut to our Grogan "WOW" Diamond
  • It would hard to find a more stunning diamond for less, we urge you to compare it to Hearts on Fire, The Leo and others
  • Each Grogan "WOW" Diamond is Independently Certified
  • The Grogan "WOW" Diamond will show that you cared enough to give her only the best
  • Every Grogan "WOW" Diamond is backed by our No Fine Print Lifetime Warranty
  • All Grogan "WOW" Diamonds are backed by our price guarantee (of course it can't be matched by any other diamond in existence today.)
Congratulations on choosing the most brilliant diamond to represent your true love. Let us show you one at any of our three locations.

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